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Thank You Monkees!!!!

I’ve been waiting on writing this blog for a while. It has been hard to find the right way to say “Thank You” to so many of the people that have stepped up to help my family out. So I think I will write Thank You posts to several groups here over the next few weeks. I am starting with the Monkees at www.momastery.com.

I have been a member of the Momastery group for a while. Delighting in G’s posts, reading the comments of other ladies and just generally enjoying the good we can do as a group! I didn’t think circumstances would change so drastically that I would go from donating to needing help in the span of a month, but things happen. After my Dad was diagnosed with cancer I saw a post about Holiday Hands. It is a Momastery program dedicated to helping 500 families with their holiday needs. It is pretty fucking amazing. Check out what the group did here in just a few weeks! Because I knew Christmas was going to be the furthest thing from my family’s mind, I posted a need on the site asking for Walmart Giftcards to help with Christmas. The outpouring of love was just amazing!!! Several Momastery members aka Monkees stepped up to help actually, the Monkees came swarming!!! I missed a couple of people due to google’s spam folder but all told several Monkees stepped up and gave us over $800 in Walmart cards! For my mom that meant tons of xmas gifts, purchases of things we needed for my dad or just groceries! I was floored!

The love and support didn’t stop there! I got notes and emails and tons of encouragement. A couple of Monkees also donated to our memorial fund after hearing about Luke’s passing. I couldn’t believe that women for all over the country would donate just because we needed the help.

G’s is constantly reminding us that we are not alone because “we belong to each other” and we only belong to each other because we are people and we care. Well, that is all good and well to say, but to put it into action, is another thing! The Monkees, we believe it and we do it!

But it doesn’t even stop there. I received a box during the November chaos that I thought was a Christmas gift, I put it in my guest room and planned to open it on Christmas. It was forgotten about until after Christmas dinner, I remembered it and pulled it out to open. I untaped the box and looked in to find chocolates, magazines, Christmas hand soap, Starbucks cards and a MONKEY. I was confused for a moment until I realized it was a gift from a Monkee, Monkee Kathy to be exact. To know that I am loved an protected across this country just amazes me. I am now probably attached to the dang monkey in an unhealthy way, but screw it, she makes me happy!

I guess what I am trying to say is just simply Thank You to the Monkees who donated, who send words of support and who held space for me and my family over the last two months. We are so lucky. LOVE WINS!!!

I have never been one to believe in the God of any specific religion and with all of this loss, I don’t find comfort in religion or prayer. What I have found comfort in is the kindness of people, the generosity of strangers and the amazing thought that we belong to each other! The generous people who have stepped up to help my family remind me that people are good and we can do wonderful small things for each other that mean SO much!

I will continue to be grateful, continue to say thank you and hope to pass the generosity along!

– Mary